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Usui Reiki 20-Minute Distance Energy Session

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Usui Reiki 20-Minute Distance Energy Session
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Usui Reiki 20-Minute Distance Energy Session

This is a 20-minute remote (distance) energy healing session which connects the individual's aura to beautiful and uplifting Reiki energy.  The purpose of this session is to clear, balance, and integrate mind-body-spirit.  

Usui Reiki can empower your life and help to bring your spirit into alignment with your soul's purpose.
This session is completed with you via distance at a scheduled time and date.  The individual will sit or lie down comfortably for the energy session, close their eyes, and clear their mind of wandering thoughts.  Ms. Walker will connect with the energy of Usui Reiki as she passes it along energetically to you, the recipient.

This session includes:
  • 20 minute remote session of Usui Reiki energy
To schedule your distance energy session, simply purchase from this listing.  Then, we will connect with you for a convenient time/date for your distance energy session.  

If you are unfamiliar with distance reiki energy, please contact us with any questions you may have.

Some people report during a session feeling physical sensations such as hot/cold flashes, feelings of warmth on the skin, tingling, etc., while others do not feel anything physically during or after a distance energy session.  Usui Reiki is a spiritually-based energy healing modality and therefore its energy will go to the area(s) of the mind-body-spirit where it is truly needed for the individual, for their highest good.

Disclaimer: Reiki healing, chakra balancing/clearing, and all other 'energy' healing modalities contained within this website and through our courses and and/or programs fall under the category of religious disciplines.  Reiki is NOT a substitute for traditional medical treatment by a licensed medical doctor. Furthermore, Reiki practitioners/masters DO NOT diagnose, treat, prescribe anything, or cure ANY medical condition.  Reiki practitioners/masters furthermore do NOT perform medical treatment, do not prescribe any substances, and do not interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.  Reiki is an energy-based spiritual modality; the recipient may or may not feel anything physically during or after a distance session.
Image courtesy © L. Walker - DBA®.  All rights reserved.

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