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The Karuna Ki Reiki Master Course
Train to Become a Karuna Ki Reiki Master Teacher
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The Karuna Ki Reiki Master Course

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The Karuna Ki Master Attunement Course
Home Study: Yes, with no time restrictions for completion 
Course Level: Advanced, Certification at Graduation to Karuna Ki Master 
Duration: Self-Directed, with full student support (56 pages) 
Training Materials: Presented as an e-book, English Format   

**Completion of this Course provides you with (1) Credit toward your Doctoral of Spiritual Healing Degree

Prerequsite: You must be a Reiki Master to enroll and receive this attunement.  If you would like to become a Reiki Master, please click here for more information.

Karuna Ki is an advanced form of Reiki developed by Vincent Amador.

Karuna Ki is intended to be learned by Reiki Masters or at least people with a good knowledge of Reiki.

Karuna Ki uses the same symbols as Karuna Reiki TM and Tera Mai TM Reiki, but it has different attunements, exercises, and new ideas in general.

  • Karuna Ki is in no way affiliated with Karuna Reiki TM which is trademarked by William Rand.  You may learn more about his form of Reiki at: www.reiki.org

  • Karuna Ki is Compassionate Energy and Healing.  It is connecting to the "Heart" of Reiki for the healing of the entire universe.

"The basic principle of Karuna Ki is the connection to (and becoming) the embodiment of compassion both for healing self and others, and to send healing and compassion to all creation."
--Vincent Amador

Rev. LaVonda Young, Ph.D., is a Karuna Ki Master/Teacher and would love to attune you through the Singular Karuna Ki Master Attunement.  

What You Will Receive:
Vincent Amador's (the founder of Karuna Ki) complete Karuna Ki manual available as an immediate download after purchase and you will also set up a time to receive your Distance Karuna Ki Attunement when you feel ready for it.

A FREE Bonus that includes a PDF digital file of the Karuna Ki Reiki Symbols that you can print at home and use as a reference guide for studying and learning!

Full Student Support throughout your studies

Your Karuna Ki Master Certificate through regular postal mail at completion of attunement/course.

Karuna Ki is a spiritual system and as such is protected, as are all religious practices, by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America

More About Karuna Ki Reiki:

Karuna Ki is a generic name that refers to a growing number of practices using the reiki energy with the Karuna symbols.  The following practices and descriptions are one possible manifestation.  There are many others that have developed.  This art and manual was developed by Vincent Amador, from practices with Karuna and the Karuna Symbols.  It could be said that any Reiki is Karuna in that in doing Reiki we are trying to alleviate the sufering of all sentient beings. Karuna Ki is a focused way of practicing this.  Karuna Ki is the Way of Compassionate Energy. Karuna Ki is a Healing and Meditative practice using the Karuna Ki energy and symbols to be the Divine Heart of Compassion. 

The History of Karuna Ki  tries to be balanced in its understanding of how the Karuna arts came to be, and tries to give due credit to those who invested time and effort in its development.  Karuna Ki represents Mr. Amador's development and practice with the Karuna, the symbols, Karuna Ki Do meditations and other practices. 

This versioni of Karuna Ki shares the symbols and early development with Karuna Reiki“, and Tera Mai‘ Reiki.   This version of Karuna Ki has new attunements and specially developed Karuna Ki Do meditations. This is a new development apart from either Karuna Reiki“ and Tera Mai‘ Reiki.  The basic principle of Karuna Ki is the connection to (and becoming) the embodiment of compassion both for healing self and others, and to send healing and compassion to all creation.  The attunement and subsequent meditations link us to the compassion of God (which we all already are and have!), and it is through this power that we heal.  During the healing we strive to reflect compassion and love not only to those we heal, but to all creation.  For those uncomfortable with the use of "God",  this principle is reflected wonderfully in the Buddhist Goddess of Compassion, Kuan Yin (Kannon in Japanese).  This is a "heart centered compassion" and a heart centered healing.  It is sharing in the compassion of God, or the compassion of Kuan Yin for all the universe.  It is only in this perfect love that one is truly healed.

Receiving Your Coursework:

At the time of purchase, you will receive an emailed receipt from us. If you do not see this receipt appear in your inbox, please check your spam folder and be sure to add us to your contacts list as well (lavondayoung1@yahoo.com) so that you will receive future emails from us with ease.  Included toward the bottom of that receipt there will be a blue hyperlink that you can click on to forward you to your coursework.

This course is available as an immediate download at time of purchase.
Customer Reviews
Rating Karuna Ki Reiki Master course
This class is so amazing. It came at the perfect time in my studies. I love the symbols and the meditations. This has been a great class and a great experience overall.
  Reviewed by:   from Long Beach, CA. on 3/1/2014
Rating A very special form of Reiki.
Karuni Ki Reiki is a very special form of Reiki that can be used alone or combined with traditional Usui Reiki. As its name implies, Karuna Ki, or" Compassionate Reiki",... comes from and gives to... heart centered healing. This course is well structured, and easy to follow. The teachings of Victor Amador are complete and unbiased. It is important to learn about the history of individual forms of Reiki in order to be in touch with the discipline itself....and the history is all there. The reference study files for the symbols is nicely presented and a perfect accomplice to the course. The attunement was very relaxing and all encompassing....just the way it should be. Thank you La Vonda, for offering this sacred energy healing technique, and for presenting it so professionally! Sonja Koch, Ontario, Canada
  Reviewed by:   from Ontario, Canada. on 2/21/2014
Rating Fantastic
This type of Reiki was very powerful for me and resonated deep inside my heart. I had a fantastic attunement experience where I felt like blockages were released, I was filled with a large amount of love and I got to meet my guardian angel. It was a wonderful course and I am looking forward to incorporating it into my daily practice as well as using it to help others.
  Reviewed by:   from Artesia. on 8/23/2013
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