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The Healing Power of Your Aura Course
The Healing Power of Your Aura Course

The Healing Power of Your Aura Course

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The Healing Power of Your Aura e-Course
Home Study: Yes, with no time restrictions for completion 
Course Level: Introductory, certificate of completion at graduation 
Duration: Self-Directed, with full student support (36 pages) 
Training Materials: Presented as an e-book, English Format
Credit: (1) toward Energy Healing Mastery Program certificate     

In this course, we discuss the aura, including what it is and techniques you can try at home to learn to see it.  We also discuss the seven main chakras briefly and how they relate to the aura.  You will learn how to begin experiencing your own energy field, what specific aura colors can mean for your life, and how to strengthen and protect your aura.  We also discuss how you can learn to make improvements in your own aura, and the mind-body-spirit associated with the aura.

What is your aura saying about you? 

What are our friends or family member's auras saying about them?  When you understand auras you can learn to gather information about the person just by viewing their energetic field. Through this study, you will be guided to understanding the process of viewing auras.  Some people are born with the clairvoyant skill of easily viewing them, and some are not. Believe it or not, you can train yourself to view auras.  When you are equipped with the knowledge about what they are and can understand what you are seeing, that information can be used as a powerful tool in understanding and learning more about yourself and the others around you!   

Within this e-Course, we'll cover the following topics:
  • What is an Aura?
  • The Chakras & their relation to the aura
  • Learning to see the aura
  • Aura colors & their general meanings
  • Experiencing the energy field
  • Strengthen & protect your aura
  • The healing power of the aura and technology
  • Examination

    • We'll discuss in length:
  • What an aura is; the history and study of auras
  • What the chakras are; understanding their relation to the aura
  • Learning to see the aura using techniques/exercises
  • Aura colors and their meanings
  • Experiencing the Energy field, subtle vibrations, etc
  • Learning to strengthen & protect the aura
  • Cleansing the aura 
  • The use of Feng Shui principles for improving your aura; Manifestation Boards & Bagua Map included in the course.

This e-Course includes:
  • Your full-color 'The Healing Power of Your Aura e-book (photo shown above) available immediately for upload at purchase
  • Final Exam due for grading
  • Certificate awarded upon successful completion, emailed as a PDF

Receiving Your Coursework:

At the time of purchase, you will receive an emailed receipt from us. If you do not see this receipt appear in your inbox, please check your spam folder. Included toward the bottom of that receipt there will be a blue hyperlink that you can click on to forward you to your coursework.

This course is available as an immediate download at time of purchase.
Customer Reviews
This course is so interesting and enjoyable. At first I was having a difficult time being able to see the aura. Once you finish this course and practice it to master the subject you will forever more be attuned to this fascinating healing power. I remember my very first time seeing a persons aura and color/s, I was so excited and thrilled that I could actually do it. It may take awhile to master but it is most definetly worth the time and effort. I truly loved this course!!! DON'T THINK ABOUT IT - DO IT!!!, YOU WILL LOVE IT!
  Reviewed by:   from Goshen, CT. on 1/18/2014
Rating Very informative.
Like all other courses at the Academy, this was informative and very interesting. Thank you for all of your help.
  Reviewed by:   from CA, USA. on 10/14/2013
Rating What a Fascinating Course! Highly Recommended!
This course has been absolutely fascinating!! I've always had an interest in 'reading' or viewing auras, yet never really knew how to get started! I'm so glad I found this course and Rev. LaVonda has been an amazing teacher! Not only can I see my own aura, but I've practiced and learned to see others as well. This will strongly help me with my spiritual healing work as a true healer. I'm so glad I took this course, thank you!
  Reviewed by:   from Alabama, USA. on 11/28/2012
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