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Soul Discovery Course; Learning to Live at Your Highest Potential

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Soul Discovery Course; Learning to Live at Your Highest Potential
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Soul Discovery Course; Learning to Live at Your Highest Potential

Home Study: Yes - Self-directed
Course Level: Introductory, certificate at successful completion
Included Materials: PDF workbook/manual, English Format
Credit: (1) toward Inspirational Life Coaching Program certificate

This course of study is perfect for those of you wishing to discover yourself even deeper and more passionately than you ever thought possible!  

It is an essential go-to resource and guide for learning to live your life in full potential and provides you with amazingly simple, yet profound ways in which you can learn more about yourself and discover your true, divine nature!  Who doesn't want to live their life at its highest potential?

When you take the time to begin exploring your true emotions, build your self-esteem and self-confidence, and learn to balance your mind-body-spirit, you begin to increase your vibrations and create magnetic energy that attracts more positive opportunities and blessings to you. When you are kind to yourself and devote time in solitude, you then feel deserving of accepting the spiritual gifts that were naturally given to you at birth!  

Whatever you may be seeking when discovering your soul and it's highest potential, whether it's self-confidence, more love for your self and accepting yourself more freely, better relationships or friendships, forgiving yourself, or to attain any other desired goal in your life, this course will serve as the best self-improvement gift you could give yourself!

Get ready to embark upon the most rewarding journey through Soul Discovery!  This course is designed into four sections; one section for each full week of the month.  You'll read one page daily and conduct your amazing soul-homework of the day!  We'll share with you a key distinction that will both support and encourage you in discovering more about yourself and your soul on a deeper and more profound level!

You will learn how to:
  • Create solitude and learn its importance to your soul
  • Experience more love and compassion in your life
  • Explore your best days of the past and bring that energy into your life today
  • Listen and be more receptive to your inner voice
  • Purify your soul
  • Release all that no longer serves your highest good
  • Understand your hopes, dreams and goals and begin achieving them
  • Explore the peace you seek and attain more joy
  • Do optional soul exercises/visualizations for a hands-on learning approach
  • Reward your soul
  • Send & receive blessings and so much more!

Serving as both a private journal and workbook, you'll find yourself immersed and enjoying each day of Soul Discovery, as you are provided with ample room to take notes for yourself, answer important questions, and really delve deep into exploring your true, personality on a soul-level!  This course is jam-packed with goodies all provided to you as a source of inspiration and motivation!  

Why not join us today to explore your soul, your true self, and find deeper meaning in your life that will stay with you forever!

The course includes:
  • PDF workbook/manual (46-pages) emailed as an instant download
  • Multiple choice exam only; you will not submit any part of your journal
  • Private student login for exam submission, providing instant exam score
  • Certificate awarded upon successful completion, emailed as a PDF

Receiving Your Coursework:

At the time of your purchase, you will receive an emailed receipt from us.  If you do not see this receipt appear in your inbox, please check your spam folder.  Included toward the bottom of that receipt there will be a blue hyperlink that you can click on to forward you to your coursework.

Front cover image courtesy of Rev. Walker

Rating A Wonderful Journey
This course is a journey. It is a journey into the heart of who you are. If you are willing to look within - this course is for you. It is a journey of discovery, for with each exercise you are discovering yourself more and more.
  Reviewed by:   from Athens, AL. on 12/12/2013
Rating I loved this course and each day's discovery.
I loved this course and each day's discovery. It was opening a gift each day. I would like to personally spend more time on some of the activities as there were some areas where I need more work. But this course caused me to really stop and search the deep areas of my soul for what I truly want and need in my life to make me happy and fulfilled. It was a great experience for me and a large part of my personal and spiritual growth can be attributed to this study.
  Reviewed by:   from USA. on 11/20/2013
Rating Great compliment
This course was a wonderful compliment to what I have been working on in my life. I enjoyed it quite a bit.
  Reviewed by:   from Artesia. on 8/4/2013
Rating Fantastic Course!
Fantastic course that made me think and also helped me find parts of myself that I failed to do so before.
  Reviewed by:   from UK. on 3/14/2013
Rating I am Now Refreshed & Have Direction!
The Soul Discovery Course has been so good for me. It is a absolute blessing and a life saving reminder that I am loved, and that my life matters, that I can refocus the negative and know that I have the power to change my life. I know that I was divinely led to your academy as I already feel I have been refreshed and renewed and have a direction for my life that fits me perfectly!! Thank you. Many, Many Blessings.
  Reviewed by:   from USA. on 11/28/2012

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