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Divine Blessings® Oracle Card Reader Certification Program (Levels I & II)

Part Number VQFOCR
Divine Blessings® Oracle Card Reader Certification Program (Levels I & II)
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Divine Blessings® Oracle Card Reader Certification Program

Home Study: Yes - Self-directed
Course Level: Mastery, certification at successful completion emailed as PDF
Included Materials: Mailed textbook, oracle card deck, and oracle guidebook. 
PDF workbooks/manuals emailed as instant download, English Format
Credit: Flower Vibrations Oracle Card Reader Certification at completion of full program 

Prerequisite: None
New Students: Open enrollment; join anytime 
No prior experience or education is necessary to join.

Program Introduction:

©2015 L. Walker. All rights reserved.
Dear Intuitive Soul Friend, thank you for visiting this program page.  You have just taken the first empowering step toward revealing more about yourself and understanding your soul's highest potential through the beautiful art of oracle divination!  

This inspiring journey for yourself truly begins NOW where, together, we will shift your awareness, reawaken your higher self, and help you to experience the amazing life you deserve to live!

  • A beautifully inspired life, living in your soul's highest potential
  • Enjoying the love & peace you were meant to experience
  • Finding your bliss & living the way you were born to live
  • Overcoming obstacles & challenges with more clarity & ease
  • Experiencing greater awareness & clearer understanding of your life purpose
  • The thrill of creating divine abundance in all aspects of your life
  • Gaining self-confidence, while trusting & following your divine intuition
Yes!  Connecting with your higher self, while strengthening your intuitive nature are two key ingredients needed for living your life in complete freedom and happiness!  You can live inspired & empowered, while helping others do the same!

Do you wish you could learn the necessary steps to deepen and strengthen your intuitive nature?

Not knowing how to identify and live in your soul's highest potential can cause you to feel stuck, imbalanced, confused, and out of harmony within.  It can create:
  • A sense of stuck energy, which can be draining to mind-body-spirit
  • Unpleasant emotions; anger, anxiety, or confusion, which can happen anytime
  • Imbalances or feelings of being ungrounded within; causing you to lose focus on dreams or goals
Do you relate to these feelings?  I certainly can, as I have had my share of obstacles and challenges in my life which were difficult to deal with!  There were many times when I wished I could have utilized my own sense of intuition to help guide me through the challenging times, while helping me to focus on moving forward in clarity and self-confidence!  Now that I have learned how to do this, I am living my life purpose in beautiful joy, contentment, and peace within mind-body-spirit!  You can too!  You can learn to live your life in its highest potential while experiencing all this and more!  And, you can help others do the same!

The Divine Blessings® Oracle Card Reader Program is open to any individual who desires to discover their own soul's highest potential!  The program is designed in two easy-to-understand levels; level one includes the coursebook and level two includes the oracle card deck and accompanying guidebook (with free gift!)

What the Program Can Do for You:

Let the Flowers Empower Your Life; Enroll Today!
Become a Certified Oracle Card Reader

All images, text, and video © 2015 Rev. Walker - Divine Blessings Academy®.  All rights reserved.

The Vibrational Qualities of Flowers Course book - Level I

©2015 L. Walker. All rights reserved.
The first level of the program is The Vibrational Qualities of Flowers Course book.  In this full-color, 126-page book, you will delve deep into exploring the natural aspects of nature for yourself and how it can help you connect with your higher self, become more inspired and confident, and live your life empowered and motivated!

"Why flowers", you ask?  Well, connecting with nature and the vibrations found within it is one of the most important keys for helping you enhance your intuitive nature! Did you know that you can learn to work with flowers and their subtle energies for achieving more inner peace, joy, and happiness in your life?  If you seek greater fulfillment or a way in which you can learn to harmonize your mind-body-spirit naturally, this first level course may change your life!  

The aim of this course book is to help you align with your higher self with the loving, energetic vibrations of the flowers of nature, while guiding you to explore inspiration and empowerment through your own intuitive nature.

Learn How To:
  • Develop, strengthen, & empower your intuitive nature
  • Do step-by-step techniques, visualizations, & guided meditations
  • Physically & energetically connect with the flowers for inner strength, clarity, harmony, & balance
  • Find your bliss; enjoy love & peace in every day!

We'll Discuss:
  • The flowers & the importance of nature
  • What the flower energies can do for you
  • The many ways of working with flowers
  • Connecting with their subtle energies for greater harmony
  • Deepening & strengthening your intuition through the loving vibrations
  • Connecting with the flowers: physically & energetically
  • Intuition & the inner connections; deepening the intuitive abilities
  • Solitude & the importance of inner reflection 
  • Do-able & fun self-guided exercises & techniques 
  • The flower profiles (26) individual flowers and more!

Experience more of these aspects in your life:
  • divine abundance
  • calmness
  • cheerfulness
  • clarity
  • courage and strength
  • devotion
  • encouragement
  • gratitude
  • grounding
  • happiness
  • harmony
  • intuition
  • love
  • optimism
  • purity of heart
  • radiance
  • wisdom (divine guidance)

©2015 L. Walker. All rights reserved.

Oracle Card Reader Certification - Level II

Do you wish you could learn to read oracle for yourself?
  • Re-awaken & deepen your connection with your higher self
  • Utilize oracle divination to find answers for your life
  • Learn to successfully read the cards
  • Experience inner clarity & sense of direction
  • Explore feelings & emotions, while learning to direct them for greater good
  • Deepen your connection with nature & the flowers
  • Meditate with the energies of the flowers
  • Accurately follow & trust your intuition
  • Inspire your mind-body-spirit and more!

Do you wish you could learn to read oracle for others?
  • Understand the cards & interpretations
  • Read oracle for others successfully
  • Inspire them with empowering readings
  • Help them explore inner clarity & self-confidence
  • Inspire others as you inspire yourself!

©2015 L. Walker. All rights reserved.
The Vibrational Qualities of Flowers Oracle Card Deck:

 An amazing journey of self-discovery, the Oracle includes:
        • 30 inspirational & uplifting cards, each with different flower photographs
        • Empowering messages on each card
        • Printed on premium card stock, plastic coated, linen finish
        • Beautiful tuck-box for storing your cards
        • A stunning presentation on any oracle reader's table
        • Each flower will speak to you individually through this deck!

 The Vibrational Qualities of Flowers Oracle Guidebook:

A powerful companion tool, the Oracle Guidebook includes:
        • Your reference for exploring & working with the Oracle (40-pages)
        • A guide for how to use your Oracle cards
        • How to clear your cards & preparing to read them
        • Two Oracle card spreads & how to do them correctly
        • The Oracle Messages; 30 pages dedicated to each of the cards
        • Detailed in-depth meanings of each of the 30 cards with photos

Your Guide to Understanding the Cards (e-book):
Yours FREE with Purchase

In this FREE additional (11-page) downloadable e-book, we will delve into understanding the cards, card layouts, and how to read and interpret the cards successfully.  

Learn how to:
  • Successfully tune in to nature and to the flowers
  • Tips for tuning in and understanding this oracle in its entirety
  • Conduct self-guided meditations with your oracle cards and the flowers
  • Understand the cards; exploring interpretations, journaling, etc.
  • Use the included card spread layouts successfully; one-card, two-card, three-card, and large card spread readings throughout
  • Create your own custom card spreads and so much more!

Enroll in Divine Blessings® Oracle Card Reader Program & Get:

  • The Vibrational Qualities of Flowers Course, softback book (126-pages) mailed to your home (8-10 business days)
  • Oracle Card Deck, (30 full-color oracle cards with box) mailed to your home
  • Oracle Guidebook, softback book (40-pages) mailed to your home
  • PDF workbook/manual (7-pages) emailed as an instant download (testing portion only for Level I)
  • PDF workbook/manual (7-pages) emailed as an instant download (testing portion only for Level II)
  • FREE Gift with your purchase; "Your Guide to Understanding the Cards" e-book, emailed as an instant download.
  • Private student login for exam submission, providing instant exam score
  • Certificate awarded upon successful completion of each level (I and II), emailed as PDFs
  • Divine Blessings® Flower Vibrations Oracle Card Reader Certification awarded upon successful completion of program, emailed as PDF
  • Be notified of any/all upcoming live webinars & oracle card reading groups!

*Physically mailed shipment includes: course book, oracle card deck, and oracle guidebook.  Expected delivery is eight to ten business days with tracking number. Instant downloads are available immediately upon purchase.

The Flowers Speak To Your Spirit Oracle Reading - 3 Messages
The Flowers Speak To Your Spirit Oracle Reading - 3 Messages
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