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Divine Blessings® Mindful Living Program; Balance-Nurture-Focus-Transform (Includes all 4 Courses)

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Divine Blessings® Mindful Living Program; Balance-Nurture-Focus-Transform (Includes all 4 Courses)
Includes 4 Courses of Study
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Divine Blessings® Mindful Living Program 
(4 courses of study)

Home Study: Yes - Self-directed
Course Level: Mastery, certification at successful completion emailed as PDF
Included Materials: 4-
PDF workbooks/manuals emailed as instant downloads, English Format

Prerequisite: None
New Students: Open enrollment; join anytime 
No prior experience or education is necessary to join.

Program Introduction:

Mindful Living is the art of learning to pay closer attention to our thoughts, feelings and emotions while living in a true sense of balanced harmony within.  Being mindful is living in the present moment of these thoughts, feelings and emotions without judgment, fears, or concerns of them effecting our wholeness or wellness of mind-body-spirit. 

When living in the mindful state, we simply observe these emotions and thoughts from a distance, accept them as they are, not allowing them to interfere with our happiness, focus or balance.  

In this way, we observe our life from a different perspective, while living in the moment and awakening the mind-body-spirit to the overall experience of life. Anyone can practice the art of mindful living.

Here at Divine Blessings Academy®, we feel that mindful living can help us all to live in a greater sense of awareness, calmness, self-confidence, compassion, joy and peace.  It may also help to reduce feelings of stress, anger, sadness and/or overall unhappiness while helping to inspire & empower our personal and/or professional lives.
  • Balance
  • Nurture
  • Focus
  • Transform your life!
The art of mindful living is truly about balancing the overall mind-body-spirit connection while helping us to live more enjoyable lives emotionally, physically and spiritually.  

This program of study blends well with our existing academy curriculum of spiritual and energy healing topics and is perfectly suited for a beginner student who may be new to these topics or a seasoned professional (energy healer or holistic practitioner) who wishes to advance their studies on the topic of mindfulness for their existing business.
  • The art of mindfulness ~ inviting more peace, joy, passion and tranquility into your life
  • Becoming the change YOU wish to see in the world
  • Tapping into the unlimited power of the divine nature within you
  • Fulfilling your divine destiny - living in your soul's highest potential
  • Being a part of our inspired community, which shares the nurturing aspects of love, peace, joy, & happiness with the world!

Our Mindful Living Program here at DBA® includes 4 individual courses of study, which discusses the heart of the mind-body-spirit connection for mindful living.  In-depth studies throughout this program include the following discussions:

Positive Thinking - Affirmations - Transforming Your Life
  • The power of positive thinking
  • Affirmations & why they are important
  • Law of Attraction; reaping what you sow
  • Harmonizing mind-body-spirit for greater love, peace & joy
  • Importance of time commitment, creating do-able schedules for success
  • Creating plans of action for getting results
Nurturing Your Spirit - Truly Loving Your Life
  • The 3 most important aspects of spirit nurturing - making them work for you
  • Inspiring your spirit for greater awareness & harmony within
  • The importance of stilling the restless mind
  • How to become more alert & focused 
  • How to live life to the fullest
  • Becoming more aware of emotions 
  • Living from the heart; therapeutic living
Inspiring Steps for Living in Peace
  • Defining peace for yourself
  • The divine nature; how to live the true essence of peace
  • Self-honesty; exploring your innermost feelings & emotions
  • Forgiveness - self & others
  • The importance of love & gratitude
  • Seeing the divine aspects within everyone & everything
Experiencing Inner Joy - FREE Course materials with enrollment of this program!
  • Exploring outer environments; learning to balance
  • Developing the inner 'sweetness' of joy
  • Applying the principles of right attitude for peaceful experiences
  • How to discover and pursue your passions successfully
Mindful Meditations & Guided Visualizations
  • Mindful meditations & guided visualizations included throughout the program!
  • Beautiful, full-color worksheets for hands-on exercises & experiments

The four individual courses that make up this full program are designed in digital format, making it the most convenient method for studying at anytime or while on the go.  You may print the courses and individual worksheet pages,which encourage you to follow along, while journaling your own experiences throughout each individual course.  

Over 150+ pages of mindfulness principles await you throughout this program!  Invite peace, love and joy into your life today!

Join us and be a part of this inspired community of souls around the world who share the nurturing aspects of love, peace, joy and happiness with the world!

Receiving Your Coursework:

At the time of your purchase, you will receive an emailed receipt from us.  If you do not see this receipt appear in your inbox, please check your spam folder.  Included toward the bottom of that receipt there will be a blue hyperlink that you can click on to forward you to your coursework.

5 Inspiring Steps for Living in Peace Course
5 Inspiring Steps for Living in Peace Course
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5 Simple Steps for Experiencing the Nectar of Life; Inner Joy - FREE Course!
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Nurture Your Spirit - Love Your Life Course
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Transform Your Life with Positive Affirmations Course
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