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Crystal Healing & Enlightenment Course

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Crystal Healing & Enlightenment Course
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Crystal Healing & Enlightenment Course; Energetically Transforming Your Life

Home Study: Yes - Self-Directed
Course Level:
 Introductory, certificate at successful completion
Included Materials: PDF manual/workbook, and included remote/distance session, English Format
Credit: (1) toward Energy Healing Mastery Program certificate

This course is a wonderful study on the topics of crystals and gemstones, which have been known for centuries for their healing properties.  This course is perfectly suited for the beginner, but also for the crystal healer who wants to add to their existing knowledge on this vast topic of study.  The crystals and gemstones can be utilized on their own or to compliment energy healing modalities such as Reiki and/or chakra balancing, among other energy healing modalities.  Learning more about crystals and the mineral kingdom can greatly assist you in your own spiritual journey of harmonizing mind-body-spirit.

This is a thorough course of study suitable for anyone wishing to learn more about crystals and gemstones.  It is meant to share with you the knowledge of utilizing these stones for energetically working with them for harmonizing yourself and/or for friends or loved ones as well.  It includes a beautiful 36-page PDF manual-workbook sent via email and an included remote/distance Usui Reiki session with crystals.

You will learn:
  • What crystal healing is 
  • To define minerals, crystals, and gemstones
  • How to get to know your crystals
  • Proper ways to work with your gems and how they can benefit you
  • Prayer/Affirmation/Meditation for working with your stones
  • How crystals are coupled with energy healing modalities; reiki, chakra balancing
  • How crystals can be utilized in combination with aromatherapy
  • What is a crystal grid & how to work with them
  • The chakras and their association with the gem kingdom
  • A specific gem for each of the seven major chakra energy centers
  • Proper storage, care, transporting, and cleansing of your stones
  • Popular methods for recharging your stones
  • Guided meditations with your stones
  • How to tune in to the energies of the stones
  • To create crystal remedies
  • How to combine crystals with meditation
  • Techniques for sending love-energy with your stones
  • To define and understand your role in working with crystals
  • Sufficient workbook space for taking your own notes and much more!

This course of study is packed with information for any individual who wishes to expand their knowledge in crystals and gemstones for energetically harmonizing mind-body-spirit.  It is perfect for the beginner or the seasoned crystal professional who wishes to expand their connection with the gem and mineral kingdom. 

Also included with your purchase of this course is a Remote/Distance 20-Minute Usui Reiki Session with Crystals (with Reiki Master and author, Ms. Walker.)  Experience the combination of the universal energies of Usui Reiki with the empowering energies of crystals.  Further information about scheduling this distance session is included in your download materials.

The course includes:
  • PDF workbook (36-pages) emailed as an instant download (manual & testing portion)
  • Remote/Distance 20-Minute Usui Reiki session with crystals (at a scheduled time/date)
  • Private student login for exam submission, providing instant exam score
  • Certificate awarded upon successful completion, emailed as a PDF

Receiving Your Coursework:

At the time of your purchase, you will receive an emailed receipt from us.  If you do not see this receipt appear in your inbox, please check your spam folder.  Included toward the bottom of that receipt there will be a blue hyperlink that you can click on to forward you to your coursework.

Front cover image courtesy of © L. Walker - DBA®.  All rights reserved.

Rating crystal helaing student
Great course. Materials interesting and well organized. Enjoyed the CD. Would love a more intense 2nd course
  Reviewed by:   from jacksonville fl. on 10/7/2015
Rating I also was very impressed with this course
I have been drawn to stones and crystals all of my life and I love that I am now able to share the beauty of crystals with others. I also was very impressed with this course. I had an extensive knowledge of crystals and their healing beforehand, but I still learned a lot! I really enjoyed it and was happy that exercises were involved for experience. I would definitely recommend this course to others.
  Reviewed by:   from USA. on 12/29/2014
Rating I love this course it was Awesome!
Thanks Rev. Walker, this course was Awesome! Although I have work with crystals since was very young, there things that I learn on direct communicating with crystals that were more healpful and easier to do.
  Reviewed by:   from USA. on 12/26/2014
Rating An incredible learning experience:
As always, this has been an incredible learning experience and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to connect to the world of crystals, minerals and stones! Just lovely! Namaste.
  Reviewed by:   from Canada. on 12/22/2014
Rating Thorough and Informative!
With this class, which is very thorough and informative, I now know I can do this. I am so excited!
  Reviewed by:   from USA. on 10/20/2014
Rating This course is both informative and enlightening!
I haved always loved gemstones/crystals and had already had a collection to which I have added some more. Mixed with my reiki the crystal healing will work out great as I have already used it on my skeptical hubby, (which he felt), This course has proven to be both informative and enlightning and I am looking forward to more courses in the future.I would recommend these courses and site to anyone who is interested.
  Reviewed by:   from USA. on 10/1/2014
Rating Crystal Healing
This was an AWESOME course!! Very user friendly and informative. I look forward to using my new found knowledge at my Metaphysical store opening in October.. Ms. Walker was quick to respond to questions...SHE IS THE BEST!!!,) Iz
  Reviewed by:   from USA. on 9/11/2014
Rating Great Course!
This is a great course for anyone who wants to increase their understanding of the metaphysical properties of gemstones and how they heal the physical and energetic body. Included in the course, is a beautiful meditation CD and E Book that I will always refer to. My favorite part of the course was learning about Crystal mother tinctures an crystal grids. Questions and emails were answered promptly. The ongoing support was great!
  Reviewed by:   from Quebec, Canada. on 7/13/2014
Rating I finally had all of my questions answered about crystals.
I am ready to heal all aspects of my life and others through crystal healing. I really enjoyed this course because I finally had all of my many questions about crystals answered. Now I can continue on my journey using crystals to help me invoke healing on myself and others. This course is the start of a new beginning for my life. I believe I will always go back to my lesson and book for knowledge and now I can start Usui Reiki and Aromatherapy to help enhance my healings. I will definitely recommend this course to everyone that I know that is interested in crystal healing.
  Reviewed by:   from USA. on 6/23/2014
Rating Thank you so much for this knowledge!
I love that I am gaining this knowledge in crystal healing and will be able to add it to my Reiki practice. It will definitely enhance the healing that happens already. I am very excited about bringing it all together! Yes absolutely I would recommend this course to others. I enjoyed reading it and learning more about the different crystals. Thank you for making it possible for me to take this course. It was not only an awesome course, but reasonably priced as well. Again Thank you so much for this knowledge!!
  Reviewed by:   from USA. on 6/16/2014
Rating Thank You for offering this course!
Thank you very much for offering this wonderful on-line course. I really enjoyed the course, especially the Crystal CD. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who feels drawn to working with Crystals for healing. After completing this course, I feel like I have more in depth knowledge on many aspects of crystal healing. I look forward to integrating this knowledge with my intuition and to continue to be of service to my community. Thank you again! Many Blessings
  Reviewed by:   from Ojai, CA, USA. on 5/28/2014
Rating I have enjoyed this course tremendously & will recommend it to others!
I have always been fascinated with stones and have been a rock hound since I could walk. I have always collected stones and my house is filled with them. Taking this course was just the next step in my process of alternative growth and healing. I have enjoyed the course. The CD was very relaxing and the exercises were very effective and calming. The textbook is wonderful and one that I will refer to often. I have enjoyed this course tremendously and will recommend it to others. Thanks you!!!
  Reviewed by:   from USA. on 5/28/2014

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