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Crown Chakra Course - Color & Sound Healing Series (& Free Audio Meditation!)

Part Number CCC7
Crown Chakra Course - Color & Sound Healing Series (& Free Audio Meditation!)
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Crown Chakra Course - Color & Sound Healing Series 

Home Study: Yes - Self-Directed
Course Level:
 Introductory, certificate at successful completion
Included Materials: PDF manual/workbook, mp3 audio, English Format
Credit: upcoming tba

Join this incredibly inspiring and uniquely transforming course of study, where we explore the crown chakra (the seventh chakra) energy center in-depth!  This Crown Chakra Course is the first course in a new series of courses we are launching, which discusses color & sound healing in relation to the seven major chakra energy centers.

Throughout this particular course of study, we will discuss the crown chakra, its balanced and unbalanced tendencies and the many ways in which you can learn to tune in to the frequencies of this chakra, while properly clearing and balancing this energy center for yourself.

We will also discuss the crown chakra's relation to the color violet while exploring the many influences of color in our lives and how we can learn to tap into these specific shades of color for balancing and maintaining this chakra energy center.

Additionally, we will cover sound healing in relation to the crown chakra and how through the vibrations of sound, we can learn to re-attune, re-harmonize and re-balance the crown chakra for greater awareness, grounding and for overall mind-body-spirit wholeness.  The sound resonance of a chakra tuned quartz crystal singing bowl emanates sounds that are strikingly brilliant, crisp and beautifully clear.  Throughout the course study, we will share with you the therapeutic sounds of these singing bowls; what they are and how and why they are used in chakra balancing.  Then, you'll have the opportunity of hearing the crown chakra tuned quartz crystal singing bowl for yourself, for helping to balance your own crown chakra energy center.

The crown chakra is the seventh chakra energy center, which is located at the crown of the head.  Discovering more about this particular chakra can help one to understand themselves on a deeper, more emotional and spiritual level. The crown chakra is considered the 'seat of the soul' and is often referred to as helping one gain heightened intuition, harmony, bliss, liberation and Samadhi.  We can learn to work with this particular chakra on a deeper level which can help us to clear and balance negative or 'stuck' energies, develop and/or strengthen our connection with Spirit and gain a greater sense of harmony and balance in our lives.

If you are seeking a course of study where you can explore the crown chakra energy center in greater detail while discovering the color and sound healing benefits of this chakra, this is the perfect study for you!

A very thorough book, it can help the individual to learn how to re-balance and re-harmonize the crown chakra while exploring unique and inspiring tips and techniques for keeping this chakra balanced on a continual basis.  Through the many techniques shared throughout this course, you will explore many ways for successfully clearing and balancing your crown chakra energy center as well as balancing for others, too.

FREE Crown Chakra Meditation Audio Mp3
Included as a free gift with purchase of this course is our Crown Chakra Meditation Audio (mp3) with the beautiful sound resonance of the seventh chakra tuned quartz crystal singing bowl!  The artist has created this mp4 audio download as a beautiful self-guided meditation in which you can replay anytime to help clear and balance your crown chakra energy center.

Throughout this course, we discuss:
  • The Crown Chakra - Seventh Chakra
  • The color violet; associations with the color & various shades
  • Intuition & heightened intuitive nature with the crown chakra
  • Positive uplifting energy; creativity, excitement & expression with the chakra
  • Mind-body-spirit balancing; use in meditation
  • Natural color therapy; related to violet & crown chakra
  • Amethyst & its association with the crown chakra
  • Astrological associations
  • Influences of color in our lives; energy healing; crown chakra balancing
  • Energy healing exercises & self-guided meditations; learning to balance the crown chakra
  • Benefits of combining color & sound for crown chakra balancing
  • Unbalanced chakras vs balanced chakras
  • Self-guided color & sound meditations for tuning in to the crown chakra
  • Therapeutic sounds of chakra tuned quartz crystal singing bowls
  • The bowls; what they are, when & how they are used in chakra balancing
  • Self-guided quartz crystal singing bowl audio meditation mp4 - included free!
  • Tying it all together for maintaining a balanced and 'in tune' crown chakra & much more!

The course includes:
  • PDF beautiful full-color workbook/manual (34-pages) emailed as an instant download
  • Crown Chakra Meditation Audio MP3, emailed as an instant download
  • Private student login for exam submission, providing instant exam score
  • Certificate awarded upon successful completion, emailed as a PDF

Receiving Your Coursework:

At the time of your purchase, you will receive an emailed receipt from us.  If you do not see this receipt appear in your inbox, please check your spam folder.  Included toward the bottom of that receipt there will be a blue hyperlink that you can click on to forward you to your coursework.

Front cover image courtesy of © 2015 L. Walker - Divine Blessings Academy®.  All rights reserved.

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